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125+ Best Travel Blogger Hashtags to Use in 2024

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Looking for the best travel hashtags?

With so many travel hashtag ideas out there, it’s hard to know which ones to use. Well, you’re about to discover the 125+ best travel blogger hashtags to expand your reach on Instagram, TikTok and beyond!

The consequences of aimlessly using hashtags without a strategy can be dismal. It could mean the difference between going viral and wallowing away in the abyss of IG and TikTok stories long past.

The good news is that using good hashtags properly does work to grow your following.

So, if you’re living the #NomadicLife and want to share your #IGTravel stories to grow your reach, read on as we reveal the best hashtags for travel bloggers.

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Best Travel Blogger Hashtags for Instagram & TikTok

Below, you’ll find a list of the 125+ top hashtags travel bloggers on Instagram and TikTok should be using. It is separated by category, so you can easily find a few hashtags for specific niches, as well as some general travel hashtags.

Best Travel Blog Hashtags for Bloggers

female travel blogger on the beach
When it comes to the best travel hashtags for Instagram that work for all bloggers, go with #bloggerlife and #workfromanywhere.













Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Travel Influencer Hashtags

instagram influencer with a camera on a selfie stick
The best travel tags for Instagram influencers include #travelbloggervibes and #instagood.








Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Solo Travel Hashtags

woman traveling solo in a big city with her suit case
Some popular travel Instagram hashtags for solo travelers are #sheisnotlost and #travelsolo.









Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Travel Girl Hashtags

woman traveling
#DameTraveler is among the top travel Instagram hashtags for women.







Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Best Hashtags for Travel Photography

woman traveling with her camera
When it comes to hashtags for travelers and photographers, consider using #PhotoOfTheDay.









Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Personal Travel Hashtag Ideas

man traveling on a train
#ILoveTravel is one of the best general hashtags for Instagram travel.










Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Travel Couple Hashtags

couple holding hands walking through the airport
The top travel hashtags for Instagram couples include #travelwithus and #anywherewithyou.








Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Creative Travel Hashtags

woman on a swing in bali
Some of the best Instagram travel hashtags for creative photos include #passportready and #postcardsfromtheworld.









Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Cute Travel Hashtags

woman with camera around her neck on holiday
Consider #ByeFelicia when you want to get cute with your hashtags for travel pictures.











Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Travel Nature Hashtags

woman in a lake in the wilderness
Among the most popular travel hashtags for Instagram, there’s #playoutside and #gooutside.









Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Travel Beach Hashtags

beach in mexico
Whether you’re visiting the best Puerto Escondido beaches, like Playa Carrizalillo (pictured), or the best Yucatan beaches in Mexico, like Tulum — you need to know the best traveling hashtags.









Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Luxury Travel Hashtags

woman in santorini, greece
Some of the best Instagram travel hashtags for luxury travelers include #travelinstyle and #luxtravel.








Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Family Travel Hashtags

family traveling together
Some of the popular travel hashtags on Instagram for family travel include #kidsintow and #kidswhotravel.









Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Van Life & Road Trip Travel Hashtags

couple with dog living in a van
#RVThereYet is one of the top Instagram travel hashtags for van life — and very clever!







Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

Travel Related Hashtags

cheetah spotting while on safari in africa
#WanderlustWednesday is one of the most popular travel Instagram hashtags to use during the week.








Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

General Hashtags About Travel

woman at temple in asia
#InstaTravel consistently ranks as one of the most popular travel hashtags for Instagram.







































Guide to Understanding Hashtags for Travel Bloggers

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the # symbol, that you add to your post in order to categorize your content and make it easier for people to find it on social media.

Hashtags are searchable and clickable, and when someone clicks on one, all posts with that same hashtag will appear.

What’s the best place to put hashtags in a post?

Wondering where to place hashtags in posts? Hashtags should be placed naturally within the caption of your post.

Since Instagram and TikTok algorithms prioritize high-quality content, it’s best to show your relevancy to those hashtags by embedding them into your captions instead of just adding a list to the comments below.

How many hashtags can I use on Instagram?

You can use up to 30 hashtags on IG. If you try to include more than 30 hashtags on a single photo, reel, video or comment, you won’t be able to post it.

Now, just because you can use 30 — should you? Most social media experts will say no. While some people say to use a maximum of 20, others say to use no more than five hashtags.

How many hashtags should I use in a post?

When it comes to how many hashtags to use in a post, studies show that 3-5 hashtags are the ideal amount.

If you choose too much more than this, don’t be surprised if the algorithm detects you as spam.

Instead, pick only a few, combining trending and niche-specific hashtags, as well as a mix of competitive, less competitive, and brand-specific ones.

What are niche hashtags?

Niche hashtags are specific, highly targeted hashtags that relate to your business and industry.

Unlike more popular hashtags, they typically have fewer posts, making it easier for people to find your content in the feed. The key is to dig deep and find relevant, niche-specific hashtags that will help you reach your ideal followers.

👩‍💻 Best Travel Blogger Hashtags

If you’re a travel blogger looking to be discovered, you’ll want to start experimenting with some of the best Instagram hashtags for travel bloggers. Some examples include:

  • #TravelBloggerLife
  • #FemaleTravelBloggers
  • #NYCTravelBlogger (or fill in your city name)

📍 Location Hashtags for Travel Destinations

boat going through canal in venice, italy
Get location-specific when choosing the top hashtags for travel — like this #VeniceTravel shot.

It’s important to use some best travel hashtags on Instagram that are location-specific.

Target your destination country, city, or even landmarks within that destination to show your geographical relevancy. Some examples include:

  • #ThailandTravel (or replace it with another country)
  • #MiamiBeach (or fill in your city)
  • #EiffelTower

🪂 Travel Adventure Hashtags

Incorporating some adventure travel hashtags into your posts will reach people looking for inspiration to live and travel on the edge as you do. Some examples include:

  • #AdventureAddict
  • #HikingAdventures
  • #NeverStopExploring

💃 Solo Travel Hashtags

If you’re a solo traveler, use hashtags that show the beauty of exploring different places on your own and meeting new people. Some examples include:

  • #SoloFemaleTraveler (or #SoloFemaleTraveller with two L’s to reach a British audience)
  • #SheExplores
  • #SheIsNotLost

✈️ General Travel Hashtags

In addition to the more specific hashtags, you’ll want to make sure to use a few general travel hashtags in your post.

These will be more competitive hashtags, but including them helps the IG and TikTok’s algorithm know more about your content, and is an essential part of your overall strategy. Some examples include:

  • #WorldTraveler
  • #Wanderlust
  • #TravelTips

Hashtag Lists: Make Sure to Store Hashtags

Once you’ve compiled a list of hashtags for your post, make sure to store them for later use.

Because hashtags are clickable, you can’t copy them from IG or TikTok’s phone app once published, so recording them ahead of time is best.

Instead, write your caption in your phone’s note app, and then copy and paste it into your post.

What are the best hashtags to use for travel?

Some of the top TikTok and Instagram hashtags for travel bloggers include: #travelblogger, #travelholic, #wanderlust and #traveltheworld.

Remember to use a mix of popular travel hashtags, niche-specific hashtags, and location or adventure-related hashtags.

Make sure to use both competitive and less competitive hashtags in your posts, and even consider making your own branded hashtag.

What are the top 10 hashtags for travel?

Identifying the most used travel hashtags on Instagram is like trying to chase a moving target. That said, here are some of the top 10 travel hashtags:

  1. #travel
  2. #travelphotography
  3. #travelgram
  4. #traveladdict
  5. #instatravel
  6. #travelblogger
  7. #traveltheworld
  8. #travelblog
  9. #traveling (or the British spelling, #travelling)
  10. #traveler (or the British spelling, #traveller)

How do I find the top 3 trending hashtags right now?

There’s no single way to find the top trending hashtags on Instagram or TikTok, but you can get a good sense of some of the most popular ones by searching through captions and comments of trending stories and posts.

You can also use the Explore page on Instagram, or the Discover page on TikTok. Depending on the day of the week, or what’s going on in the world, different hashtags may be trending that day.

How do I promote my travel blog on Instagram?

Are you wondering how to be a travel blogger on Instagram?

Creating high-quality content, posting consistently, using relevant travel hashtags, and engaging with other content creators in the travel community are all great strategies to promote your travel blog on Instagram.

Who is the most famous travel blogger?

While it’s hard to say who is officially the most famous travel blogger, some of the most influential and successful travel bloggers include Nomadic Matt and The Blonde Abroad.

Want to discover some other famous travel bloggers? Here are a few more to check out — and if you want to know how to make money from a travel blog like they do, head to the linked article.

  • Adventurous Kate
  • The Planet D
  • Expert Vagabond
  • Be My Travel Muse
  • Dan Flying Solo
  • Oneika the Traveller
  • Wandering Earl
  • Hand Luggage Only
  • Hey Ciara
  • Jessie on a Journey

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Then you should invest in some of these best travel blogging courses so you get started the right way. A good course will include SEO tips, affiliate marketing, social media tips, photography tips, and more.

How do I make a catchy hashtag?

Catchy hashtags are brief but unique, and use emotion and humor to capture your audience’s attention. A great example of this is #RVThereYet — one of the best van life hashtags.

Make sure to use language that’s easy to understand and remember, like rhymes or puns. Additionally, avoid hashtags that are too long, or that could be misread as something different or controversial.

Are hashtags still relevant in 2023?

Yes, hashtags are still relevant and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Even if some people find them passé, they are also very convenient and practical.

Hashtags allow people to quickly search for content that is related in some way to their own interests. Love them or hate them — hashtags serve a purpose.

Strategies for how to use hashtags have changed and will continue to change, which is why it’s important to remain up to date on the latest trends and changes to each platform you use.

Travel Blogging: Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure how to make money and travel the world? Travel blogging affords me this luxury — and it could work for you too!

What is a travel blog?

A travel blog is a website with information on traveling — like these, Travel Mexico Solo and Tulum Travel Secrets.

There are many niches, or sub-genres of travel blogs. Mine is focused on Mexico travel, while some travel blogs focus on Paris travel or, or camping travel, or cruises, or solo travel; the list goes on and on.

What is a travel blogger?

A travel blogger is the person who’s running the travel blog, or someone who writes travel blogs for other people’s blogs. I am actually a multiple six-figure travel blogger who makes a full time income from my blogs.

If you’re a woman, you’ll usually be called a female travel blogger; though the term male travel blogger is pretty much never used.

If you’re unsure how to be a travel blogger, it’s quite simple! In fact, all you need to do is start a travel blog website, then write some travel blog posts.

If you only want to document your travels, this will suffice; if you want to make money, consider these best travel blogging courses.

How to Start Travel Blogging

Wondering how to become a travel blogger? The first question to consider is: Do you want to make money with your travel blog, or do you want a hobby blog?

No matter which you chose, there’s information for starting both types of blogs below.

✍️ How to start a hobby blog

You can do this by starting a new travel blog on Blogger for free right now!

All you’ll need is a travel blog name (you might also want to take the corresponding handles on any social media channels you use), and start sharing your best travel tips, epic stories and more.

Now, if you want to know How to start a travel blog and make money?, that’s a bit different.

💰 How to start a money-making blog

Like most things, there’s a right way, and a wrong way to start becoming a travel blogger.

If you want to make your own travel blog to start earning money, I highly suggest investing in a travel blogging course with step-by-step instructions, so you start it off right.

There is a system to travel blogging success, and either know the system, or you don’t.

You’re either writing SEO-optimized content with high volume, low competition keywords that will rank on Page 1 of Google, or no one will ever see your content. According to stats, only 25% of users even go to Page 2 of Google.

Through travel blogging courses, I learned that I need to write the articles you want to read, and not just the articles I want to write.

I learned how to get my content on Page 1 of Google with search engine optimization (SEO) — in fact, that’s likely how you found this article!

The way I see it, you can spend time, or you can spend money.

You can either spend your time trying to find good free content, which could take years and still not pan out, or you can pay a professional to learn what they’re doing, so you can simply replicate their success.

The best blogging course I’ve done is Scale Your Travel Blog to Six Figures — and I’ve been in quite a few courses.

Is it worth starting a travel blog in 2023?

As someone who makes a full-time income from my travel blog, works only about 20 hours per week, from any location on Earth I want to — FU+K YES it is!

However, setting up a WordPress blog and learning how to blog properly takes time. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

My blog did nothing in year one; it was a place to hear crickets. In year two, I invested in the best travel blogging courses I could find, and made $7,762.22 dollars ($2,435.18 in December 2021 alone).

In year three, I made $272,175 USD in 2022.

While my numbers may seem impressive if you’re making $0 from a blog, I’m still a small time blogger. (Ok, maybe I’m a “medium time blogger” now).

There are so many bloggers who make more than me, but since I know blogging is a marathon, not a sprint, it’s only a matter of time before I get there too.

How to start a travel blog without traveling

When we all lost the ability to travel freely in 2020, many travel bloggers still thrived. Um, how? — you might be wondering.

By blogging about where they live. While the place you live is familiar to you, it’s a full-fledged travel destination for people who don’t live there or haven’t been there before.

Remember, a travel blog is meant to help people, and you know more about your hometown than most people. In short: Don’t let your lack of plane tickets to exotic locations stop you from starting a travel blog.

Final Thoughts: Best Travel Blogger Hashtags in 2023

Choosing the right hashtags for your travel blog is an essential part of your overall strategy. While this article listed the 125+ best Instagram travel hashtags for bloggers, you also have to be mindful of strategy.

How you use these best travel hashtags for Instagram and TikTok is just as important as the tags themselves. Now that you know which to use, keep these hashtag tips in mind:

  • Hashtags should always be relevant to your post and should be limited to 3-5 on both Instagram and TikTok.
  • Remember to use a combination of competitive and niche-specific hashtags and to add them to your captions instead of as a list in your comments.
  • Keep track of the hashtags you’re using before you post, so you don’t overuse any hashtags.
  • And finally, experiment with this list of the best travel blog hashtags as you search to find the ones that suit you and grow your audience.