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25 High DA Travel Blogs Accepting Guest Posts in 2023

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You are in the right place because I’m a travel blogger myself — and I’m listing all the best high-DA travel blogs accepting guest posts right here you can get started with your link-building strategy today!

For us travel bloggers, guest posting on high-DA travel blogs is a great way to instantly boost your blog’s rankings and get your content in front of a wider audience.

What is a travel blog? Laptop on table with coffee on the side

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The sites hosting guest posts get free content, so it’s a win-win for us all! However, it’s not always easy to find high-DA blogs that accept travel guest posts, because not all sites do.

For this reason, I’ve done the research for you and compiled this list of 25 high-authority travel blogs that accept and allow guest posts to get your guest posting strategy started.

Ready for the reveal? Keep reading to see the sites — and Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate on sending them guest post pitches! You need to initiate the conversation or else you can’t start your backlinking journey.

25 High DA Travel Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

1. Hostelworld

Hostelworld homepage | travel blogs accepting guest posts
Wondering where to look for blog travel accepting guest posts? You can start with Hostelworld.

Why write for Hostelworld? With a DA of 82, your site is likely to get a great boost in rankings with a backlink from Hostelworld.

Plus, you’ll get to share your blog and unique travel story with a huge audience of like-minded travelers. 

  • DA: 82
  • 🏩 Blog niche: Find hostels and connect with hostel travelers around the world
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Backpacking travel experiences
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: With a worldwide audience, Hostelworld accepts guest posts in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

2. Only in Your State

Only in your state blog homepage
Wondering, how to get guest posts for your blog? Set up guidelines and connect with other bloggers.

Why write for them? Only in Your State has over 35 million views per month. That’s a lot of new faces.

If you have a niche state site and some content that just can’t make its way up to #1 on Google, a guest for Only in Your State might do the trick. 

  • DA: 80
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Unique experiences in all 50 U.S. states
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Articles about hidden gems and lesser-known attractions in your state
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: Only In Your State travel blog also accepts guest posts for writing and photography.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

3. Travel Pulse

Travel Pulse homepage

This is a unique opportunity for travel agents and industry experts to get their blogs seen by Travel Pulse’s audience.

Share your expertise with almost 9 million users while showing Google you’re an authority in your niche.

TravelPulse is also syndicated with MSN, giving you an even wider audience and opportunity.

  • DA: 79
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Travel industry news, insights, and guides
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Travel industry and travel resources 
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
travel blogs accepting guest posts

4. The Planet D

Dave and deb the founders of The Planet D

These leading travel bloggers remember what it was like to see their content on big travel blogger sites — and they want to help you do the same.

I actually have three guest posts on this site!

No matter your niche, a guest post on The Planet D will get you a link back to a high-authority site with millions of monthly viewers.

  • DA: 76
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Destination guides, itineraries, travel tips
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Destination-specific, city guides, and things to do
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: They offer 1 backlink for a 2,500-word guest post.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

5. GoAbroad

GoAbroad careers page

GoAbroad has almost 3 million monthly page views, and a loyal email list of 50,000 subscribers.

Writing a guest post for this blog is an incredible opportunity to connect with an audience of students and volunteers looking to learn about and hear.

  • DA: 75
  • ✈️ Blog niche: International travel programs for students, teachers, volunteers, and interns
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Experience studying volunteering, interning, traveling, and teaching abroad
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
travel blogs accepting guest posts

6. Thrillophilia

Thrillophilia guest post submission

By writing for Thrillophilia, you’ll get the chance to be featured on their high-authority site as well as their social media channels.

This provides you with a platform to share your journey and a valuable opportunity to grow your own blog.   

  • DA: 75
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Booking site for unique and thrilling travel experiences around the world
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Unique, odd, and fresh new travel experiences, reviews, travel tips
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: They require 1000-1200 words, and 3 images with each guest article submission.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

7. International Living

International Living looking for writers

A guest post in International Living is the perfect opportunity to find a huge audience of current and potential retirees with a passion for living abroad.

International Living gives you the opportunity to write for their website, daily e-letter, or magazine. 

Their syndication program gives you an opportunity to republish their content, providing you with an opportunity to add value to your own site. 

  • DA: 74
  • 🧳 Blog niche: Living internationally for less
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Affordable retirement and travel destinations
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: They have a blog syndication program available as well, so your posts can reach an even bigger audience.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

8. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde abroad blog
The Blonde Abroad is one of the blogs in travel accepting guest posts.

Want to be featured in front of one million monthly page views on one of the most popular blogs on the internet? 

The Blonde Abroad offers backlinks and social media links to help you grow your audience and boost your SEO.

When it comes to travel blogs that accept guest blog travel posts, this is one of the best.

  • DA: 73
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Solo female travel, lifestyle, and photography
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Travel guides, adventure travel, budget travel, travel itineraries, lifestyle guest posts, and more
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡Note: With each guest article, 10 high-quality, original images are required.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

9. Go East

Go East looking for guest posting page
Wondering how to submit an article submit a guest post? Check each blog’s Contact Us page and their guidelines.

Looking for travel blogs that pay for guest posts?

GoEast allows you to link to relevant content from your blog and will provide you with a gift card for your contribution.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a Northeast niche blog this high DA backlink is a no-brainer.

  • DA: 72
  • 🥾Blog niche: Northeast outdoor travel and gear guides
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Northeast outdoor experiences, guides, gear 
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: When guest posting, high-quality photos are required with your article.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

10. Luxury Launches

Luxury launches homepage
Submit guest post travel requests for Luxury Launches if your niche is luxury-related.

Submit a guest post travel blog to Luxury Launches and get your content seen by hundreds of thousands of readers.

The best part?

These readers love luxury living and luxury travel, so when you write a travel guest blog for Luxury Launches, you and reap the benefits of a high-end audience from an authoritative site.

  • DA: 70
  • 🛥️ Blog niche: Luxury lifestyle
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Luxury reviews, interviews, lifestyle
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
travel blogs accepting guest posts

11. eDreams

eDreams blog
eDreams is one of the best travel blogs sites that accepts articles related to almost every type of blog niche.

The eDreams site will provide you with an opportunity to get one link to your blog or social media account with each guest post.

My pro tip? Don’t link to your socials; link to your blog so your can build your site authority!

You can educate their audience on budget, adventure, seasonal travel, and more. You’ll also get an author box — a great way to introduce yourself to a wide audience. 

  • DA: 70
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Travel booking site
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Travel interviews, events, tours, tips
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: One do-follow link provided per guest post.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

12. Go Nomad

Go Nomad blog | travel blogs accepting guest posts

Go Nomad prides itself on having an educated and well-traveled audience and providing them with top-notch information filled with unique experiences.

Guest posts (travel) on Go Nomad puts your content on a sought-after blog in front of an equally sought-after audience.

  • DA: 66
  • ✈️ Blog niche: International travel and resources
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: First-hand accounts of unique travel, mini destination guides
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: You must submit 1200 to 2000 words per post, and make sure to watch their videos and read their FAQs before pitching a travel guest post.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

13. Via Travelers

Via Travelers travel blog
Show off your travel writing chops by submitting a guest post to Via Travelers.

If you have fun and immersive travel experiences but nowhere to share them, ViaTravelers is the perfect blog for you to submit free travel guest posts.

The guest post website has 800,000 monthly sessions and more than one million YouTube views.

Plus, with tons of travel information on the guest post site, you won’t have any problems finding a relevant topic to write about that benefits both of you. 

  • DA: 64
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Authentic itineraries for immersive travel experiences
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Itineraries, tips, and guides
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: ViaTravelers guest posts must be 2,200-2,400 words.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

14. Practical Wanderlust

Couple in Practical Wanderlust blog homepage

Accept payment for your content on Practical Wanderlust or forgo payment in lieu of a do-follow link to your blog.

Not many travel guest posting sites give you two options for your content, but Practical Wanderlust does. Either way, you’ll get your writing on a popular travel site with 400,000 monthly page views. 

  • DA: 62
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Responsible travel, tips, eco alternative travel guides, and packing guides
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Guides to US cities, national parks, skiing, road trips
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: Practical Wanderlust offers both paid articles and also guests posts for do-follow links; but you can only have one or the other.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

15. Amateur Traveler

Amateur Traveler blog

The perfect platform to share your experiences and knowledge with a wide audience — Amateur Traveler is a great place to start.

With a vast collection of travel topics, ranging from budget travel to cruising adventures, Amateur Traveler has content on almost every location you can think of.

This means that regardless of your niche, you can find a spot to showcase your writing skills.

  • DA: 62
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Travel planning and tips
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Destination-based stories and content, specific cities preferable
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: Amateur Traveler offer 1 backlink per 1,000 words guest post.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

16. Savoteur

Savoteur about us page

A spin-off of your average travel blog, Savoteur’s post range from travel tips and planning to mindset and investing.

A guest post on Savoteur gets your content in front of a diverse audience and gives your blog a boost with a high authority backlink. 

  • DA: 62
  • 💰 Blog niche: Digital nomad travel and personal finance
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Budget, retirement, or sabbatical travel, building income
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
travel blogs accepting guest posts

17. Chasing the Donkey

Chasing the Donkey travel blog

Chasing the Donkey is a frequently utilized and trusted resource for Balkan travel. As the most-read Balkan travel blog in English, they pride themselves on providing inside details of lesser-visited countries, thanks to their team of local travel writers. 

Additionally, they add effort to expand your content’s reach by digital marketing guest posts across various social media channels. 

  • DA: 59
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Baltic travel 
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Baltic country itineraries, personal experience, listicles 
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: They offer 1 homepage link and 1 article link, so you get two backlinks with each guest post.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

18. Breathe, Dream, Go 

Breathe, Dream, Go blog

Breathe Dream Go opens your writing up to 30,000 monthly page views. You’ll get excellent exposure for your writing and insights on the blog.

Breathe Dream Go started as a female solo traveler blog, making it a great option for women to showcase their travel experiences. 

  • DA: 59
  • 🇮🇳 Blog niche: India travel (but she does cover other destinations)
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Indie tours, resources, and destinations
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡Note: You’ll get 1 do-follow link to your homepage and a byline at the start of the post. If you’d like to be paid for your guest post (without a backlink) that is also possible.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

19. Wanderlust and Lipstick

Wanderlust and Lipstick looking for guest post

Writing for Wanderlust and Lipstick isn’t your typical guest posting gig — but stick with me here because what they do offer might be even more valuable for you.

In lieu of backlinks and payments, they provide support as you grow your own blog, SEO tips, and help to grow your audience.

You can even work your way up to press trips and product reviews for the site.  

  • DA: 56
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Female travel 
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Female travel experiences and stories 
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡Note: No backlinks links and no payment provided for guest posts, which must be about personal stories and experiences only.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

20. Honeymoon Always

Honeymoon Always couple
Honeymoon travel is a very popular travel blog niche.

As the honeymoon travel resource, Honeymoon Always is an incredible opportunity to get do-follow links to your couple or honeymoon travel posts.

They work with popular honeymoon destinations and tourist boards, making this a great opportunity to get your name in the couple’s travelsphere. 

travel blogs accepting guest posts

21. Nomads World

Nomads World blog

Nomad travel is an ever-growing industry, and Nomads World is growing with it. Writing for Nomads World puts you in front of an audience of 200,000 backpackers plus a spotlight on their social media accounts. 

  • DA: 54
  • 🏩 Blog niche: Location-specific hostels, work, and travel
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Australia travel, New Zealand travel, and Thailand backpacking travel are preferred
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: You will need to sign up to their email to receive their guest post submission guidelines.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

22. Epicure and Culture 

Epicure and Culture popular topics

If you’re searching for opportunities to be a guest writer for blogs about ethical and sustainable travel, Epicure and Culture has the perfect opportunity for you.

I actually have two guest posts on this site!

The guest posts on this site range from yoga retreats to traditional cultural experiences. Each of them receives views from the site’s 50,000 monthly visitors from countries all around the world.

  • DA: 54
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Conscious travel, holistic experiences, sustainability
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Ethical and sustainable travel, food, and cultural experiences
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
travel blogs accepting guest posts

23. I Am Aileen 

 I Am Aileen blog

Get your content marketing seen by 400,000 monthly page views and hundreds of thousands more on a variety of social media networks with I Am Aileen.

With a focus on remote work, lifestyle, and even food, this blog medium offers you a variety of options for travel blog guest posts.  

  • DA: 53
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Remote work, solo travel, food
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Travel activities, experiences, remote work
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: Make sure to send an email to along with your guest post pitch that you can send through the site’s contact form.
<travel blogs accepting guest posts

24. Dave’s Travel Corner

Dave’s Travel Corner journal submission guideline

Dave’s Travel Corner has been building their audience since 1996 — a whole lot of time to build a loyal audience!

They’ve accepted hundreds of contributors over the years, all providing their first-hand experiences to Dave’s large audience plus a social following of more than 400,000. 

  • DA: 52
  • ✈️ Blog niche: Travel and lifestyle experiences for all budgets
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: All types of first-hand experience travel
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: They provide 1 article link and 1 homepage link (2 backlinks total per guest post), with original photos encouraged.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

25. Indie Traveller

Indie Traveller homepage

Looking to get some writing practice by sharing your experience and getting paid?

Indie Traveller is one of the few travel blogs on guest post lists that will pay you to share your personal experience.

While it won’t boost your SEO, it will give you valuable pitching and writing experience. 

  • DA: 52
  • ✈️ Blog niche: DIY travel
  • ✏️ Topics/articles they accept: Latin America and Southeast Asia travel guides, making money traveling, hiking guides, travel costs
  • ☎️ Contact them here:
  • 💡 Note: They pay $.07/word, but offer no backlinks for posts.
travel blogs accepting guest posts

My #1 Guest Post Pitching Tip

man typing on his laptop
If you’re asking how to get guest posts for your blog, you can dedicate a page for submission and set writing guidelines.

When it comes to pitching, blogs looking for guest bloggers will have a “guest posts wanted” section on their site.

Be sure to read through the travel blog’s guest posting guidelines and requirements before pitching. 

Before sending your pitch, take some time to explore the blog and identify ways your content can provide value to its audience.

👩🏻‍💻 See a gap in their content you can write a post about? Add that to your pitch so they know you did some homework before contacting them.

As a travel blogger with a pretty big blog, I get at least 2-5 emails per day with someone looking to guest post. If I don’t see that they’ve taken the time to understand my site, I delete them. #SorryNotSorry

With guest posting pitches, you’ll want to highlight your experience and expertise on the subject you’d like to write about and how it will benefit their readers. 

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Travel Blogs Accepting Guest Posts: FAQs

blogger working on a laptop
Read more blog travel submit guest post FAQs to learn additional guest blogging facts.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging involves writing an article or post to publish on another website with one or more links to your website — also called “backlinks.” It is also called guest posting.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Are backlinks important?

Yes — You can think of a backlink as a “vote” for your site. Google has said many times that backlinks are one of the factors it uses to know how to rank sites in its search results.

In short: Unless you have a site with a lot of high-authority backlinks, you’re not likely going to have blog posts on Page 1 of Google.

Guest posting is one way to get backlinks, but there are others that I teach in my 10 Ways to Get Backlinks MasterClass

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Does guest posting matter?

Yes — If you’re looking to build authority within the topic of your website, guest blogging is a great strategy because you can get high-authority backlinks from it.

These backlinks are a sign to Google that you have a great site. While there are other ways to get backlinks to your blog, guest posting will always be a great option, especially for new bloggers just starting out.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Why does guest blogging matter to bloggers?

When other websites link back to your site, it shows Google that your content is trusted and that you’re an expert in your subject — which can lead to higher rankings and more traffic to your website. 

Guest blogging provides valuable content to a website that’s not yours, while also benefiting your own blog. It’s a win-win for bloggers, which is why this is one of the best strategies to get backlinks.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA, or domain authority, measures a website’s authority and credibility within its niche. While DA is a factor or indicator of the overall health of your website — it’s is not an official metric from Google or any other search engine.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Who invented Domain Authority (DA)?

The SEO company Moz is credited with inventing DA. Other companies followed suit and later made up their own metric, like the DR from Ahrefs, which means Domain Rating.

Moz DA checker
MOZ has a free DA checker for everyone.

The DA or DR considers the quality of the domain and the external links pointing to it, the quality and quantity of content on the website, the age of the domain, and more.

Your DA is a good indicator of potential success in search engine rankings, the same as your DR — even though these numbers can vary.

For example, one of my five blogs currently has a DA 37 and DR 44. But still, you can see this is a medium-authority blog.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

How do I find blogs that accept guest posts?

There are many ways to find these, but if you want the work done for you, check out the 25 High DA Travel Blogs Accepting Guest Posts listed in the linked article. They list travel blogs to which you can submit content for backlinks.

Here are a few more ways to find blogs accepting guest posts:

  1. Find blogs within your niche, and do a search for the words “guest post” on their website.
  2. Reach out to the site’s contact email and offer an idea that would benefit their site.
  3. Finally, there are Facebook groups in many niches that will connect you to other bloggers in your niche that may be looking for guest posts — like Link Building + Guest Posts + Collabs (Travel Bloggers).
travel blogs accepting guest posts

How do I ask for a free guest post?

To request a free guest post, reach out to your niche community and let them know the benefits you’re offering in exchange for a post.

Typically, this includes providing backlinks to the guest blogger’s site in return for high-quality content.

This allows you to receive a free post, while providing valuable backlinks to their site. 🪄 Win-win!

travel blogs accepting guest posts

What is the disadvantage of guest blogging?

Guest blogging has a few disadvantages, such as being time-consuming and diverting your attention away from content on your own site.

Second, search engines can take a while to recognize your content on another site, so it may take longer to see results.

Finally, it’s important to ensure you only guest post for reputable blogs. Content on low-quality websites can lead to penalization by Google.

As a general rule, I’d recommend you only guest post on sites with a DA/DR at least 15-20 points higher than yours. Of course, the higher the better.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

How long should guest blog posts be?

Guest posts should be as long as the blog owner requires them to be. Typically, a high-quality blog post will have a minimum of 2,000 words. If the blog owner offers fewer or more backlinks for your blog post, the length requirements may differ. 

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Is guest blogging good?

Yes — Guest blogging is good. Not only does guest blogging open up your content to a new audience, but it allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Creating content for quality sites also provides you with valuable backlinks to your blog, which can improve your search engine rankings.

Guest blogging may be time-consuming and daunting, but it is an important aspect of creating a successful blog.

travel blogs accepting guest posts

Final Thoughts: Travel Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

It’s time to get your guest posting started! And hopefully, with this guest posting site list, you will be well on your way.

With all the best travel blogs accepting guest posts, you’re on your way to creating great content, getting quality backlinks, and boosting your search engine rankings. 

If you’re ready to know more about backlinks and how to get high-quality ones, sign up for my 10 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Site MasterClass.

Guest posts travel or otherwise may seem time-consuming, and sometimes it isn’t fun writing content that isn’t going on your own site; I get it.

But trust me — the value of getting great backlinks will benefit you more than you know. Don’t avoid submitting content to travel blogs that accept guest posts!