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20 Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas for Your Travel Blog in 2024

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Looking for the best content ideas for affiliate marketing?

Then you’ve found the right blog post because I made $333,619 from affiliate marketing alone in 2023 — and now that I’ve achieved a lot of success as a blogger, I want to help you do the same 😃

In this article, I’m going to help you discover the best blog topics for affiliate marketing to take your income from $0 to… well, the sky’s the limit.

Ready to dive into my 20 favorite affiliate marketing content ideas to get you started? Let’s get to it!

Creating Content For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an $8+ billion industry 💰 and it’s absolutely worth cashing in on.

However, to become a pro affiliate marketing content creator, you need to understand the buyer journey.

The buyer journey, also known as a sales funnel, customer journey funnel or buyer’s funnel, isn’t just a marketing buzzword — it’s the roadmap to your potential customer’s mindset.

By understanding this journey, you can pinpoint exactly what information they need at each stage, allowing you to create content that speaks directly to their current needs and nudges them closer to that purchase decision.

🛍️ The Customer Journey Funnel

customer journey funnel infographic
After the Buyer Funnel comes the Customer Retention Funnel. (Image: StratoServe © Rights Reserved)

The Customer Journey Funnel can go by a lot of names, like the Buyer Funnel, Customer Funnel, Marketing Funnel, etc.

Whatever you call it, this funnel can be broken down into four steps (though some funnels include five steps, or more).

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Consideration
  4. Buying (or, Conversion)

When content creators write how-to content or an area guide, they often target people at the top of the funnel.

However, when you write a product review for a product (like the best travel camera for travel bloggers), your audience is much nearer the “buy” stage, priming them for that final push.

With this proximity to purchase intent, comes a higher likelihood of you earning those coveted affiliate commissions.

In short: When you target bottom of the funnel keywords (AKA buyer keywords), you should make more affiliate sales.

20 Best Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas For Your Travel Blog

1. Product Reviews

blogger doing product reviews |  affiliate marketing content ideas
Product reviews are an example affiliate marketing that is a popular and effective way to engage your audience and earn affiliate commissions.

Did you know that 97% of consumers read online reviews before buying a product? I know I have, and I bet you have, too.

This example of affiliate marketing is especially effective if you’re using the product yourself.

People are looking for honest, authentic reviews that discuss the pros and cons of a product or business. Believe it or not, people love to read about BOTH pros and cons, and it gives the review amore authentic feel.

In short: Definitly sure to share what features you like and dislike, and your honest experiences using the product.

Remember to use standard SEO practices, like choosing a keyword you can rank for, and creating a solid SEO outline.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

2. Hotel Reviews

blogger reviewing a hotel
By including affiliate links to the accommodations you recommend, you help your readers book their stays.

More than 148 million online hotel travel bookings are made every year, I’d encourage you to cash in on that trend.

Hotel-related affiliate content writing can bring in small commissions that add up over time.,, and HostelWorld are only three affiliate marketing examples of the many hotel-niche affiliate marketing programs available.

Wondering how to write a hotel review blog post? Consider writing a review of any hotel you stay in during your travels.

Much like the product review above, you should include the top amenities, your experience, anything you liked or disliked about the hotel, the customer service, the location, etc.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

3. Tour Reviews

tour reviews
Share reviews and recommendations for tours in specific destinations — an effective way to earn commissions.

Another of the best examples of affiliate marketing topics to write about is travel tours. The travel tour industry is a fast growing niche within the travel sector.

Tours can make or break a travel experience, so offering your audience in-depth reviews of different tours is a great way to serve them and score affiliate commissions 💸

Include what sets the tour apart, what’s included, what isn’’t included, where the tour goes, and what people see and do on the tour.

If you’ve gone on the tour, include your experience and recommendations. If not, add customer reviews.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

4. Round-up Posts

update old posts
Still wondering, What is affiliate content writing? Fear not! Product roundups are one of the top affiliate marketing content examples.

A round-up post collects the best or most popular items, products, or recommendations within a specific topic or category.

It’s all about giving your readers a concise, curated list, saving them time and effort of doing all the research to find the best options.

These could include titles like the “Ten Best Tours for Scuba Diving in X Location,” or the “Top 11 Best Shoes For Travel.”

⭐️ Blogger Pro Tips: Always spotlight your top pick right at the beginning.

Roundup posts can convert really well because you can include multiple affiliate links. A variety of readers can find something perfect for them. 

And they’re relatively easy to compile. Include each product’s key characteristics, top features, pros/cons, and a clear call to action.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

5. How-To Content

Any time you travel to a new place, there are many things you may want to know how to do ahead of time. This is where “how-to content” comes in.

Write a practical article showing your readers how to do something in your niche, then include appropriate affiliate links.

Depending on the topic, this kind of post can include any affiliate products related to transportation, entrance tickets, tours, and hotels.

Remember to keep your reader in mind and choose a keyword you can rank for.

One affiliate marketing blog example is “How to get from X to X” like this How to Get from Cancun to Tulum article, or “How to Visit X City Like a Local.”

How-to content primarily targets the awareness and interest stages of the funnel. Weave in relevant affiliate links to boost conversion where they fit naturally and spotlight products that genuinely benefit the reader.

The aim of writing a how to blow post? Guide your reader down that sales funnel, turning their newfound knowledge into a purchase decision.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

6. Gift Guides

holiday gift tag |  affiliate marketing content ideas
Gift guide posts can attract readers looking for timely recommendations.

Gift guides are one of the top ways to bridge the gap between content and commerce. Another advantage is that they create opportunities to add evergreen and seasonal affiliate content to your website.

Carefully select a curated list of gift recommendations related to your niche. Talk about what makes each product a perfect gift for XYZ person.

Gift guide affiliate marketing blog ideas could include titles like “Best Gifts for Backpackers” or “Top Valentines Gifts for Travel Junkies.”

 affiliate marketing content ideas

7. Must-Have Products

content creator kit | laptop, camera
One example: write a post about equipment that travel bloggers need.

Another strategy affiliate marketers implement is writing must-have product blog posts. Use your own travel experiences to create a curated list of essential items.

⭐️ Blogger Pro Tips: Remember to target your affiliate writing to your niche and audience.

These can be related to specific travel styles or destinations. For example, “Must-Have Products for Bikepackers,” “Must-Have Products For Traveling to Japan,” or “Must-Have Products for Traveling Safely as a Solo Female.”

Feature things you genuinely believe are essential, discuss why they are must-haves, and any personal experience with the product.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

8. Product Comparisons

woman at a computer comparing two things
Product comparisons directly address customer needs, leading to higher conversions.

Diving deeper into details, product comparisons are a goldmine for affiliate marketers. It’s not just about showcasing two products side by side but analyzing their features, pros, cons, and user feedback.

Take “DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras for Travel Bloggers,” for instance. Here, you’re helping readers make informed decisions and strategically positioning multiple affiliate links.

This type of content resonates because it addresses the readers’ dilemma directly.

Of course, always ensure your comparisons are fair, well-researched, and unbiased. This approach not only drives clicks but also builds long-term trust.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

9. Ultimate Guides

Wondering how to create content for affiliate marketing at the top of the affiliate sales funnel? Writing an “Ultimate Guide” is an excellent affiliate marketing strategy.

Much like how-to articles, guides do a fantastic job of educating people on a specific topic. These guides are usually long-form blog posts with comprehensive information.

It is best if you are an expert on the topic and have thoroughly researched it.
Common guides in the travel industry could include titles like “Ultimate Guide to Visiting Venice,” or “Life as a Digital Nomad: A Complete Guide.”

Include resources, tools, and products that could be useful to your reader — this is where affiliate links come into play.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

10. Price-Point Lists

A vital part of any affiliates marketing campaign is choosing products your audience would realistically buy.

Price-point lists are a strategic way of promoting products tailored to the spending habits of your target audience.

At the core of creating these lists is a profound understanding of your readers and what they’re realistically willing to shell out — so who is your target audience?

For example, a luxury hotel roundup won’t work if your blog is about budget travel. Instead, you’d focus on “Best budget hotels in X,” or “Top Products Under X Dollars.”

While your main products should stick to a price range that fits your audience, it’s smart to add in some pricier and cheaper options. This way, you can reach readers with different budgets.

But remember, if you promote products that don’t match your audience’s spending habits, you won’t make much from commissions.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

11. Resource Pages 

Solo female travel Mexico resource page | affiliate marketing content ideas
A well-organized resource page provides your readers with a one-stop destination for valuable information.

Resource Pages are a top-level affiliate marketing content writing strategy. Basically, they are a compilation of your favorite niche-related tools.

Ideally, you should create resource pages centered around a particular theme. For example, I include a resource page for solo female travelers on my website Travel Mexico Solo.

This page includes links to important resources plus affiliate links to key products and services.

Mike and Laura Travel has a catch-all resource page with sections on everything from the best credit cards for travel to travel blogging resources.

Remember, visitors landing on your resource page often aren’t there with a strong intention to buy. Though the page is an excellent centralized spot for all your links, don’t expect the highest conversion rates.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

12. Listicles 

One affiliate content writing examples of a listicle is this Ultimate Packing List for Mexico, which talks about essential travel gear, packing tips, and must-have items on a Mexico trip.

A listicle is an article that presents information as a list, often combined with brief explanations or images. It’s a popular format and a prime example of affiliate marketing content.

Listicles are a great way to present a list of tours, hotels, products, or services in an easily digestible and organized way.

Be sure to add your own personal insights and experiences to make the list stand out from the pack.

For example, if you create an “X Destination Packing List” post, add products you’ve used and liked. Be genuine, discuss the pros and cons, and why you think it’s a good choice for the reader. 

 affiliate marketing content ideas

13. Curations

Often mistaken for listicles, curations are less about listing and more about selecting and presenting the finest from various sources. It’s like assembling the top picks for your audience, ensuring they get the best of the best.

For affiliate marketers, curations can be a game-changer.

Let’s say you’re curating the best travel gadgets. Instead of just listing, you’re handpicking the best from different websites, ensuring quality and relevance.

Sprinkle in your affiliate links, and you’ve got content that informs and has the potential to earn.

For a practical example, consider a post like “Traveler’s Choice: Top Backpacks of the Year.”

Here, you’re gathering top backpack reviews from different bloggers, and within these reviews, you’re placing affiliate links to the products.

Before you hit publish on this blog post, make sure to keep it genuine. Always credit your sources, and share why you chose each item. It showcases your expertise and builds trust with your readers.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

14. Tutorials

Looking for creative blog posts and affiliate ideas? Tutorials can be a great option.

Diving deep into the “how-tos” of a specific product or experience is where tutorials shine.

Ever found yourself searching for a step-by-step guide on setting up that new travel gadget or mastering a travel-related skill? That’s the power of tutorials.

These detailed guides offer readers a thorough walkthrough, from unboxing to mastery, and are prime spaces for affiliate links.

As you break down the process, weaving in the perfect product recommendations can enhance your reader’s learning experience and guide them toward a purchase.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

15. Seasonal Content

Piggyback on seasonal trends to get eyes on your affiliate content and promoted products.

Choose keywords people are searching for during specific times of the year, then write and post your article well in advance.

Seasonal affiliate marketing promotion ideas can include anything related to a holiday, special event, annual sale (like Black Friday deals), annual festival or concert, or event-related tours.

Some ideas could include titles like “Oaxaca Day of the Dead Tours,” “Essential Winter Packing List for X Location,” or “Top Black Friday Deals for Bloggers.”

 affiliate marketing content ideas

16. Ebooks

Travel Mexico Safely e-book
Creating and selling an e-book is a fantastic affiliate marketing idea that allows you to share your expertise — such as my Travel Mexico Safely e-book.

If you’re wondering how to write affiliate content for in-depth topics, ebooks are the answer.

Take a super deep dive into a subject your readers would be interested in and then sell the ebook or offer it as an incentive — hello, email subscribers 📧.

Usually, readers buy an ebook to help them solve a problem, allowing you to add affiliate links to solve it more quickly.

My ebook, Travel Mexico Safely, is 115 pages long and includes all my best tips, tricks, and advice for traveling safely in Mexico. This includes a section on car rentals — a perfect spot for an affiliate link to Discover Cars 😉

⭐️ Blogger Pro Tips: When considering affiliate marketing content ideas for Amazon, be aware that many affiliate programs, like Amazon, have rules against affiliate links in non-public materials like ebooks.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

17. Email Marketing

sending email to email list | email marketing  affiliate marketing content ideas
Send regular emails that provide value to your subscribers, such as travel tips and destination guides.

Speaking of email subscribers, if you can build trust with your audience, you’ll be much more likely to succeed in affiliate marketing — and what better way to build trust than through an active and engaged email list?

Building a list takes time and effort, but it’s one of those affiliate marketing ideas that can pay off majorly — it’s the most effective way to get repeat sales.

Email marketing lets you reach your audience directly in their inbox, where they’re more likely to engage with personalized recommendations.

Plus, you can boost click-through rates and conversions with tailored affiliate offers based on their interests.

This direct connection creates an environment of trust, making subscribers more receptive to your product suggestions and affiliate links. 🤔 What can this look like?

It can mean sharing limited-time offers, your favorite resources, round-ups to existing product reviews, highlighting a super helpful product, and more.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

18. Videos

phone showing YouTube logo
Looking for affiliate marketing content ideas for beginners? Consider YouTube as your starting point.

In today’s digital landscape, videos are rapidly becoming a primary medium for content consumption. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are goldmines for potential affiliate marketers.

Videos offer a wide array of affiliate examples to choose from. Think unboxing sessions, hands-on reviews, how-tos, or even sneak peeks of products in action.

These formats allow viewers to make informed purchase decisions by seeing products up close and in real time.

Always embed your affiliate links in the video description on platforms like YouTube. This makes it easier for them to find what you’re talking about and can significantly boost your conversion rates.

⭐️ Blogger Pro Tips: Remain genuine, prioritize clarity, and offer true value to your audience. This way, you’ll not only gain trust but also ensure your audience returns for more of your valuable insights.

19. Social Media Content

posting content on instagram
Remember to include relevant and popular hashtags in your posts to increase their discoverability.

Another potential place for affiliate marketing is through social media posts.

Of course, for this to work, you’ll need to build an engaged following and plan to keep your following engaged long-term.

Come up with creative content ideas to present affiliate links to your audience. This can include live product comparisons, entertaining video content, and case studies.

Brainstorm affiliate marketing content ideas for Instagram, TikTok or your favorite platform using what you already know works for your audience.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

20. Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest is a social media channel, but I wanted to address this separately.

Why? Well, Pinterest is a visual tool for affiliate marketers, so it doesn’t really operate like a social platform. In fact, many refer to Pinterest as a “visual search engine,” not a social platform.

⭐️ Blogger Pro Tips: Add pins to the end of your articles, especially affiliate posts. When readers pin them, it boosts your article’s exposure (and hopefully, your conversions too).

Its image-centric nature is perfect for displaying products attractively. As users flock to Pinterest for ideas, embedding affiliate links in pins becomes invaluable.

Here are some quick Pinterest tips for bloggers:

  • Craft eye-catching infographics and product collages that weave in your affiliate items subtly
  • Write sharp pin descriptions with key terms for better visibility
  • Always link pins back to your in-depth articles or directly to the affiliate item

Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

affiliate marketing graphic
Over time, as your blog gains traffic and credibility, the affiliate marketing strategies we mentioned can help you generate income.

Which content is best for affiliate marketing?

The best content for affiliate marketing is helpful content that puts the reader first, and addresses their problems.

Start by asking yourself what information, products, or services your readers want and need. How can you solve problems for them and make their lives easier?

For this, you can research the top-searched affiliate keywords in your niche.

Next, create content targeting the keyword and your reader’s location on the buyer journey. 

For a travel photographer, this could mean writing an in-depth review on a particular camera, or a blog post sharing the best travel photography equipment.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

How do I get content ideas for affiliate marketing?

One of the best ways to generate great affiliate ideas is keyword research. Tools like Keysearch, Ahrefs, and Rank IQ are great places to start — and I actually use all three!

Search for topics in your niche that you can rank for and meet affiliate-related user intent. For example, you could start with a search for “Hotels in X Destination.”

Based on the search volume and competition, you might do better with a long-tail keyword like “Best Budget Hotels in X For Families.”

If you are wondering how to start affiliate marketing, I recommend mastering SEO.

Need some help? Join my How to Find Affiliate Marketing Keywords Course or Affiliate Marketing MasterClass — my two best-selling classes!

 affiliate marketing content ideas

What niche is most profitable for affiliate marketing?

Travel, fitness, and tech are among the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches. However, these broad niches are crazy competitive. If you want to get eyes on your affiliate marketing content, you’ll need to niche down.

If you’re in the travel niche, it’s crucial to fine-tune your article topics for better ranking.

Consider focusing on specific subjects like “hotels with jacuzzis,” which boasts high traffic and low competition, enhancing your earning potential.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

How do I choose the best product for an affiliate?

When looking for the best affiliate program ideas for your niche, you’ll want to pay attention to conversion data, customer ratings, and product reviews.

viator affiliate marketing program sign up
Mastering content creation is key to succeeding in affiliate marketing and building a loyal readership.

For example, the Viator Selector tool offers free affiliate marketing content. It lets affiliate partners see which tours are most likely to sell out, have the best ratings, and have the best conversions.

Personally, on my travel blogging sites, I usually only feature tours with a 4.5-star rating or higher ⭐️. The same goes for hotels. I read customer reviews and only recommend products and services I can tell are top-notch.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

Is it too late to start affiliate marketing?

No — it is never too late to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a growing industry. More people are shopping online than ever. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way for companies to market their products and services, and it builds trust.

Consumers are also more likely to trust affiliate reviews. Research and join a couple of affiliate programs and get started today. Or, if you want an affiliate marketing 101 crash course, check out my masterclass.

 affiliate marketing content ideas

Final Thoughts: Affiliate Marketing Content Ideas

books about affiliate marketing
Looking for free content for affiliate marketing? Hopefully, this list provided you with everything you need to get started.

By now, you should be well-equipped with how to write content for affiliate marketing. Whether crafting an article affiliate marketing masterpiece, sharing an insightful case study on social media, drafting an engaging product review, or setting up a dedicated resource page on your website, you’re on the right path.

With these 20 free affiliate marketing content ideas, alongside essential strategies, you’re poised to dive deep into the world of researching, writing, publishing, and — most crucially — clinching those prized commissions. Best of luck!

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